Your Emotional Dream Team

Emotional Intelligence is one of the most fruitful traits you can cultivate in today’s world. Thanks to the internet and the resulting global market, we have more connections than ever before, most of them digital. However, one thing we still can’t get from our all-powerful devices is human connection.

And in a world dominated by technology, a never-ending to-do list, and the convenient separation that results from abundant individual wealth, it seems that human connection is the very thing we long for and seek out above all else.

We all want to see and be seen, to be heard and understood. We long to feel our feelings and know that someone gets us. And to connect with others on a more meaningful level. This is the essence of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

While some people certainly seem to be gifted in empathy and connection, EQ is absolutely a learnable skill. You don’t have to be born into a family of therapists to know how to read someone’s emotions and respond appropriately.

But ‘family’ does help. The number one best thing you can do to start cultivating your own ‘family’ of support is to surround yourself with emotionally intelligent people. As the old saying goes, if you’re hanging out with 4 awesome people, you’re likely to be the 5th.

Look around your communities, pick out the good listeners, and start developing relationships with them. Find the people who don’t redirect conversations when they get uncomfortable, but rather lean in and ask questions. Pursue those who are on their own quest toward personal excellence. Engage with those who are attuned to their bodies…dancers, yogis, massage therapists. And while you’re at it, you might even want to hire a good coach or therapist – emotional intelligence is their job, after all!

As you build your emotional dream team, remember to cultivate your own listening/feeling abilities so that you can more easily connect with them. Practice active listening…it’s a defining trait of people with high EQ’s. Strive towards becoming your best you. And above all, be easy with yourself in the process. You’re learning something new, and that takes patience and compassion.

Who Comes to Mind When You Think about Building
Your Emotional Dream Team?


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