Three Myths About Networking During The Summer

Do you let your business die in the summer because everyone is on vacation? Fewer networking events throughout the summer should not stop you from building relationships because everyone is away. While it’s true summer is more relaxed, so too can your networking, meaning more casual, not less productive. Guest blogger Terri O’Donnell (PCC,CPCC) talks about three myths about summer networking. 

Myth 1: “Everyone” is away on vacation.

I promise you if you’re in sales and have a quota; those excuses won’t hold water with your manager/boss. If you’re a small business owner, your business will die on the vine if you stop growing your business. Instead, summertime is a great time to develop some new connections and deepen current ones because it can be more relaxed. My experience is if you’re a work-from-home business, you may fall into the trap of a self-imposed slump if you choose not to make other arrangements with your kids during the summer.

Instead, use the summer months to connect with your LinkedIn contacts. Are you connected to over 1,000 people in LinkedIn like I am? Do you know every one of them? Certainly not. When is the last time you looked through your connections and reached out to them personally with the expectation to learn more about them? Be strategic and sort through those individuals in your contact sphere first and reach out for a coffee, breakfast, lunch or a Zoom or Google Hangout meeting. Beware; not everyone is a fan of using technology this way.

Myth 2:  Everyone in my neighborhood is either at the pool, baseball game, swim meet or BBQ.

Summer means chillaxing with family and friends. While this is true, do you completely stop thinking about your work?  Instead, think local and take the time to get to know those in your community. In other words, go to these events and be intentional about meeting new people or discussing your passion with other moms and dads at those events. You’ll be making new connections that may not typically be on your radar during other months. Plus, you may be surprised who knows whom while learning more about what they do. Again, because it’s more casual the guard of “talking about business” is more relaxed during the summer.

Myth 3: Networking organizations and opportunities are not available during the summer.

Yes, some networking opportunities are not available. That is true. When a networking opportunity does avail itself, say YES. Perhaps it’s an event that you can’t make throughout the year because you’re typically too busy. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet some new people with whom you may share your passion.

Remember, networking can and does happen anywhere at any time. Be intentional and make the most of the summer and have some fun while doing so.

–Terri has helped business professionals and small business owners transition through life changes and challenges with ease. Her complimentary, confidential, exploratory coaching call is a great start plus you’ll walk away with a great assessment tool.

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