Letting Go

It is a universal truth that everyone wants be happy, while escaping sadness, pain, worry, anger, and other burdens.

Buddha believed that human struggles derived from our attachment – equating happiness to people, things, and outcomes.

We’ve all told ourselves at one time or another: “I’ll be happy when I get that promotion” or “I’ll be happy when I’m in a relationship” or “I’ll be happy when I lose 15 pounds.”

What if that never happens? Will you never be happy again? Losing out on a promotion is disheartening and breakups are devastating; but you can’t place your whole life’s happiness on one thing.

In order to escape those burdens, you need to let them go. I know, I know… this is easier said than done. Here are few tips that may allow you to let go of your attachments.

Live in the Moment

Enjoy your life as it is now for it will never be this way again. This doesn’t mean you can’t plan for your future; just remember to be at peace where you are right this second and stop worrying about all bad/inadequate/wrong things in your life.

Liberate Yourself from the Need to Know

There are no certainties or guarantees in life. You may only be granted today; so smile, take advantage of the day, and enjoy the feeling of a day enjoyed for what it is.

Trust the Process

Everyone “lets go” at a different pace. Some days you will cleave to your attachment, while other days it’s easier to do without it. This is a natural process – rush it, and your journey may become more difficult than was necessary. Trust that when you’re ready to free yourself from the anchor you’re tied to, you will.

Make Room for New Possibilities

If your refrigerator is full, you can’t keep more food in it. You have to clean out last week’s leftovers, empty jars, and the multitude of other items that have taken up residence for far too long. The same rule applies to people. If you’re emotionally stocked up you can’t make room for new ideas, people, experiences, what have you. So, do yourself a favor and clean out your metaphorical fridge.

Don’t Wait to Do What You Love

Money does not lead to a meaningful life. Cultivate your spirit by taking part in activities that are meaningful to you. Volunteer, read, feed your soul.

This won’t always be easy. Some days will be hard, others even harder. You may hold on to your struggles, believing they’ll lead to happiness. It’s okay – it happens. Just reassure yourself that only you have the ability to choose how to experience each moment.

How do you want to live them?


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